A list of dictionaries with details on the links associated with the feed. Each link has a rel (relationship), type (content type), and href (the URL that the link points to). Some links may also have a title.

Comes from

  • /atom:feed/atom:entry/atom:link
  • /rss/channel/item/link
  • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/rdf:link

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The relationship of this entry link.

Here is a partial list of common rel values. Other possible rel values and their meanings are documented on the Atom project site.

  • alternate
  • comments
  • related
  • via
  • service.post
  • service.edit


The content type of the page that this entry link points to.


The URL of the page that this entry link points to.

If this is a relative URI, it is resolved according to a set of rules.


The title of this entry link.

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