15 ways

15 Ways is my favorite web thing that I’ve ever done. That and by my green candle, a blog, which I don’t think anyone likes but me.

but it has bugs!

  • hidden lists are hidden from the index page, but can still be viewed by direct URL
  • sometimes changes aren’t saved after you reorder list items… I think that the changes aren’t being saved by the backend before the user exits the page, but I’m not sure.
  • clicking on a hyperlink in a list item causes the list to save — changing the save trigger from onmouseup to ondragend didn’t fix this, so I’m stumped
  • some shit doesn’t work in IE, Safari, and Opera
  • dates are in pacific time, unlike every single SNF reader
  • logo image was meant to be a temporary placeholder image, and needs to be cleaned up
  • SAJAX toolkit needs to be updated to current version — the old version uses HTTP GET instead of POST, which is not only poor practice in theory, but can be disastrous when combined with prefetchers like the Google Web Accelerator — and all of this will require retesting the whole damn app… I should have written my own AJAX support. I had meant to take care of this earlier, but now it could be a real problem.
  • SAJAX toolkit doesn’t properly handle UTF-8 (and see this thread)
  • All non-idempotent AJAX actions now use the HTTP POST method, but prefetchers like the Google Web Accelerator might be able to delete list items simply by following a delete link, depending on how they work and what my code is doing — need to add a check to make sure POST is being used

i wonder what the future holds

  • per-list feeds (easy to do… but would anybody use that?)
  • much-needed overhaul of the Javascript code — probably should replace domdrag.js/home-built code with code using the scriptaculous effects library or the Yahoo UI library, since they’re (presumably) well-tested

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