SNF wiki: help

what is this?

This is a wiki, a web site that can be freely edited by its users. This particular wiki is a very simple wiki created specifically for Spaceship No Future.

do I need a specific browser to use this?

Not necessarily, but it's a good idea to use either Firefox or Safari anyway.

You do need to have Javascript and cookies enabled, however. In the future, the Javascript requirement might be dropped.

how do I edit an article?

Just find an article that you want to edit, click on the edit link and start typing. Click save when you're done. The article will immediately be updated with your changes.

how do I format articles?

You can either use BBCode or Markdown syntax. BBCode is a very simple formatting syntax used on many bulletin boards, while Markdown is a more expressive formatting syntax primarily used on weblogs. Using Markdown is preferred.

Note: One peculiarity that you may encounter involves line breaks. Two consecutive line breaks mark a paragraph, but to force a manual line break within a paragraph, you need to end the first line with two or more spaces. This is an admittedly strange aspect of Markdown.

BBCode syntax




Link to [url=""]an example site[/url].




[quote]In the room the women come and go
Talking of Michelangelo.[/quote]

Markdown syntax


_italic_ or *italic*
__bold__ or **bold**


Link to [an example site]( "optional title").


![alt text]( "optional title")


> You dozed, and watched the night revealing
> The thousand sordid images
> Of which your soul was constituted;
> They flickered against the ceiling.


* ideas
* old gossip
* oddments of all things
* strange spars of knowledge
* dimmed wares of price

You can learn more about Markdown by reading this introduction to using Markdown, or you can read the Markdown syntax documentation, if you like.

how do I link to an article?

To link to an article, enclose the article name in double square brackets. For example, to link to an article called styracosaurus, you would type:


You can specify link text that differs from the linked article title:

[[styracosaurus|pretty much my favorite dinosaur]]

In this case, the words pretty much my favorite dinosaur will link to the article called styracosaurus.

how do I create a new article?

You can create a new article using two methods:

  1. Edit an existing article, and add a link to the new article. Follow the new link to edit the new article.
  2. Type the URL of the new article to see the editing page for that article. Type your content there and save it.

The / (forward slash), \ (backslash), and | (pipe) characters cannot be used in article titles.

why can't I edit some articles?

You need to be logged in with an SNF account to edit articles. This is necessary to keep out casual spammers.

Also, some articles can only be edited by their original author or the site admins.

so how do I prevent some jerk from editing my articles?

That's a rather antisocial and anti-wiki request, but, yeah, there are occasions when you may have a legitimate need to prevent others from editing your articles. To do this, edit the article and change the update access level to me. You can only do this if you've created the article.

Again, be warned that site admins can edit any article regardless of the access level.

can I prevent other people from viewing my pages?

It depends on who you are. Certain users have the ability to restrict the visibility of their articles using the read access level.

Bear in mind that site admins can view any article regardless of access level.

some bastard has spammed my article! what do I do?

You need to revert the article to a good version. To do this, look at the history of the article, and find the last good version. From that version page, you can edit and save, overwriting the vandalized version of the article.

who made this wiki software?

This is brought to you by SNF Labs.