icky design

The icky wiki system is designed to be a very simple collaborative web authoring blah blah blah and so on.

goals for the icky wiki

  • should integrate with SNF user system
  • should be ridiculously easy to use
  • should be reasonably fast
  • should support multiple wikis from a single codebase
  • should support private wikis (hmm… maybe)

fancy things the icky wiki won’t do

  • support redirects (the ability to specify arbitrary link text should ameliorate this, though)
  • support template tags and advanced layouts like tables
  • show article version diffs (unless it’s easier than I assume it is)
  • support private messaging
  • support special page types, like user pages
  • file uploads

fancy things i’d like the wiki to do, but would really complicate it

  • ability to edit a specific page section, like mediawiki wikis (e.g., wikipedia):

    if i did this, i would also add in-place editing like 15 ways or flickr, but i’d have to replace the markdown parser with my own — currently icky wiki isn’t “aware” of page sections because that’s all handled by the view code and not the model code

  • “what links here” pages:

    as with the above, this could only be done by mixing up the view and model code — currently the icky wiki displays wiki links but doesn’t keep track of them

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