An SNF toy inspired by Nintendo’s Brain Age. It doesn’t have to be called memory. Could be called something more pretentious, like mnemosyne.

how it works

When a logged-in user visits the SNF home page, a message will appear on the header bar, for example:

Hey, cobra libre! Answer this question!

When the user clicks on the message, a dialog/popup/slidedown/whatever displays with a question like “What did you have for breakfast yesterday?” or “What was the last record that you listened to?”

The user then types in their answer, and it’s saved.

Later on, the user comes back, and they might be asked a question like “What did you have for breakfast on Tuesday, June 5?”

Then the user types in their answer, and the system shows what they originally typed in.

It’s pointless, but kind of fun.

the questions

SNF admins would be responsible for entering in a repertoire of possible questions. Some sort of template tag system might be needed so that the questions can handle variables such as dates. For example: “What did you have for breakfast %%yesterday%%?” would allow the system to substitute yesterday for the initial question and on Tuesday, June 5 for the followup question.

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