rapacious chomping

Rapacious Chomping is the expanded and updated version of Pizza For One, a page that tells you what local restaurants are currently open. It will also be the backend for the Pizza For One v2 and Fries For Everybody pages, which will provide restaurant reviews in addition to a currently-open list.

Add restaurants you would like to see listings for to the favorite restaurants in austin entry.

much to do about nothing

  1. get pizza for one frontend up and running
  2. add option to filter by and group by cuisine types
  3. provide a warning on holidays to call restaurant first
  4. allow users to hide listings for restaurants they don’t care about
  5. finish the admin web interface for adding/editing restaurant listings
  6. allow trusted users to add/edit restaurant listings (as soon as chris can figure out a simple and intuitive interface for inputting restaurant hours)

bugs to fix

  1. “closes in 0 minutes” shouldn’t display that restaurant at all, hopes should not be raised just to be dashed.
  2. mouseover that displays hours isn’t readable for restaurants near the bottom of the browser window.

feature requests for future versions

  • allow user to filter listing based on specific criteria, for example:
    • some arbitrary rating of the restaurant’s overall quality
    • location/proximity, which could work in one of two ways:
      • assign each restaurant to a neighborhood (“campus”, “north austin”, etc.) and allow users to filter by neighborhood
      • get fancy and use something like the yahoo local search API to find nearby restaurants
    • cuisine type (tex-mex, thai, fast food, etc.)
    • vegetarian/vegan-friendly
    • service/friendliness
    • atmosphere
    • clientele (asshole yuppies, frat boys, punk rockers, etc.)
    • typical portion size
    • cost
  • allow trusted users (those with role=”friend”) to add/edit restaurant data
  • if user spends more than 20 minutes trying decide where to eat, the app sounds a buzzer, automatically orders a pizza, and displays YOU LOSE in 96 pt. text
  • mobile edition that works on my wifi-enabled gameboy micro, which doesn’t exist, or my cell phone, which does exist

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