This is the icky wiki TODO list. Any work that still needs to be done should be listed here.


  • site needs to be more iPhone-friendly
    • add viewport/width meta tag
    • bigger edit button
    • maybe alternate stylesheet?
  • factor out common <head> tags into a separate template, like I’ve been doing with the newer Smarty-based sites
  • include more info in Atom feed, maybe an excerpt or a diff of the latest changes?
  • show a sparklines-style graph of article activity on the changes page
  • implement article locking: when a user hits the edit link, save a lock timestamp to the article table, and clear it when the article is saved or the user hits cancel. if the user never saves or cancel, then the lock can be cleared after x number of minutes. the removal of the lock can be triggered by the next page view, since a lock check will have to be performed every time a logged in user views the page anyway.
  • word wrap very long lines so that they don’t get cut off (but without fucking up the markup)
  • make the (redesigned) edit link more prominent
  • display markup help in sidebar when editing so that edit interface won’t appear so cluttered
  • add Markdown/BBCode help
  • enforce user permissions and article access controls
  • implement previews
  • add comment/discussion page for each article
  • add an index that lists all articles
  • spruce up the index (arrange by letters of the alphabet, etc.)
  • build admin interface
    • create new wikis
    • edit existing wikis
    • search
    • hide/delete articles
    • rename articles
    • hide/edit comments
  • multi-wiki support (using a single codebase and database)
    • no hardcoded wiki paths or names
    • controller code should grab wiki ID from some sort of config file
    • per-wiki page templates
  • allow wiki links to display custom link text (ex., ((TODO|todo list)) would display “todo list” but link to “TODO”)
  • make sure error messages display when something goes wrong
  • make sure error messages are reasonably user-friendly
  • add search
  • atom feeds… maybe RSS, too
  • use smarty caching to improve performance
  • use EXPLAIN to profile the db queries and add indexes where necessary
  • update atom feeds to version 1.0
  • create comments feeds (atom and rss)
  • add feed autodiscovery links to recent comments page
  • port any Javascript that’s dependent on Prototype to Mootools so that only one big JS library is needed on SNF


  • article history should be paginated (currently displays every single article version ever)
  • wiki-wide changes page should show a variable number of changes (i.e., “25 | 50 | 100”)
  • currently access levels govern the ability to edit an article — but maybe another access control should govern the ability to view an article (but this will clutter up the interface)
  • admins should be able to mark wiki-wide access levels - public, private, etc.
  • add file upload capability for friends and admins


  • show article version diffs on history pages added diff feature to history pages, but it doesn’t get along well with Markdown, not to mention my habit of using del and ins tags already
  • stupid text formatting buttons for people who can’t be bothered to learn anything, no matter how simple


  • currently, HTML input is accepted. should it be filtered out? now we filter out all raw HTML except for ins, del, and br anything else needs to be formatted using BBCode or Markdown — leave a note or comment if any other HTML should be allowed

See also: bugs

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