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latest yak facts and grues in the news

come, come nuclear bomb

Everything is going to go to shit at some unspecified point in the future.

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PHP 5.3: The change America needs

PHP 5.3 will include namespace support! Finally! Other things, too.

assemble the ways

Shoplifters, Unite is now iPhone-friendly!

oh stewardess, I speak five

Hooray, chompy 3 is out! Plus: How to get HTML 5 tags to render in all the popular browsers, including Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer.

GET action

For reasons of aesthetics and user friendliness, logouts are initiated by simply clicking on a link. This is a problem, however, because clicking on a link causes a GET request, and GET requests are supposed to be idempotent; that is, they are not supposed to generate side effects. The proper HTTP method for logouts, therefore,…

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Backwater is the software which powers chompy. It spiders and aggregates the following sources: Atom/RSS feeds Weblogs Linklogs Comment feeds Tumblr blogs Twitter status feeds Flickr photostreams It produces valid, sanitized output in HTML 5 and Atom.

Summary: we're sailing at the edges of time

backwater testing

Most testing of backwater is performed by using the standard Python unittest library. The goal here is to quickly spot regressions when code changes are made or dependencies are upgraded. Test cases are crossed off as they're implemented. Manual testing Put together a list of sanity test sources and feeds to run backwater against. …

Summary: linked to backwater article, marked off some completed tests

Tumblr API client

AKA or tumblrapi. This is a Tumblr API client for use by Python programs. It currently only supports the read methods of the Tumblr API, not the write methods. Source code can be found at GitHub. It is currently used by backwater, which powers …

Summary: added GitHub link